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Rajasthan Tour Packages

Osian Camel Camp

Osian camel camp tours with Indian Horizons can last from a minimum of 2 days to a maximum of 5 days.

The main Osian Camel Camp tours are:

1 Night / 2 Days tour
2 Nights / 3 Days tour
3 Nights / 4 Days tour
4 Nights / 5 Days tour

Osian Camel Camp:
Duration: 1 Night / 2 Days Tour
Destinations: Jaisalmer - Khetasar - Jaisalmer

Day 01: Arrival
Check in at a rustic camel camp on arrival in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India on day 01 of Osian Camel Camp tour package. Store your luggage in tents and relish a mouthwatering meal served at the camel camp.

Enjoy a 2 and a hour camel ride to Khetasar. Enjoy rare wildlife like gazelles, birds, and deer while you cross Bishnoi settlements en route. Later in the evening the Indian Horizons representative arranges for you to be driven to the Jaisalmer camel camp in jeeps. Enjoy a grand cultural evening at the camel camp.

Day 02: Jaisalmer
Enjoy enlightening and enchanting tours to ancient Jain temples located close to Osian in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India. Tour ends.

Osian Camel Camp:
Duration: 2 Nights / 3 Days tour
Destinations:Bikamkor - Dabdi Dunes - Khetasar - Jaisalmer

Day 01: Bikamkor - Dabdi Dunes
Ride to the Osian camel camp at Bikamkor with the Indian Horizons representative. Bikamkor lies at a distance of 16 kilometers from Osian, Jaisalmer. Interact with the camel safari staff at the Osian camel camp. Embark on an exciting camel safari to Dabdi sand dunes, located close to Osian. Camp overnight at the enchanting desert shelter located near Dabdi dunes.

Day 02: Khetasar - Osian
Today you continue your camel safari to Khetasar. Ride along Bishnoi territory and enjoy the cultural splendor of spectacular Rajasthan, India. On arrival at Khetasar, stop for lunch and continue riding to Osian. Pitch camp tents near Osian. Stay overnight at the camp in Osian.

Day 03: Osian - Jaisalmer
Today you visit the ancient Jain shrines located at a little distance from Osian.

Tour ends.

Osian Camel Camp:
Duration:3 Nights / 4 Days tour
Destinations:Lorta - Nathrau - Dabdi Dunes - Khetasar - Osian

Day 01: Lorta - Natharau
Arrive at Lorta on day 01 of the Osian camel camp. Relax before setting out on a camel ride to Natharau. On arrival at Natharau check in at a local camel camp. Enjoy a fascinating campfire and cultural extravaganza before retiring in your tents for the night.

Day 02: Dabdi Dunes
Ride to Dabdi dunes on day 2 of the Osian Camel Camp. See the attractions of a local potters village as you ride past Barnau and stop for a traditional Rajasthan meal at Jharriyon ka bera. Stay overnight at the camel camp near Dabdi dunes.

Day 03: Khetasar - Osian
Breakfast and ride through a desert trail on the fascinating Thar. Relax at desert tents on arrival at Khetasar, a desert oasis. Tour a weaver's hut and visit a village potters hut before riding your camel to Osian. On arrival check in at a camel camp and stay there overnight.

Day 04: Osian - Departure
The Osian Camel Camp comes to an end after a whirlwind tour of the Jain temples of Osian.

Tour ends.

Osian Camel Camp:
Duration: 4 Nights / 5 Days tour
Destinations: Osian Camp - Khetasar - Natharau - Pilwa - Pokhran

Day 01: Osian Camp
Check in at camel camp tents on arrival at the Osian camel camp near Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India. Visit the local stables and choose the camel you wish to ride. Get acquainted with the camel safari staff. Relax and enjoy your first night of the Osian camel camp with Indian Horizons.

Day 02: Khetasar
Set out on a camel ride through desert trails to Khetasar. Visit desert settlements, potters huts and weaver's huts till you reach the camel camp at Khetasar in Rajasthan, India. Spend the night around a happening campfire before retiring to your desert tent for the night.

Day 03: Natharau
A 17-kilometer enchanting desert trail takes you to Natharau. Visit Barnau and have a scrumptious meal at Jhariyon ka Bera. Enjoy the splendorous culture of desert Rajasthan as you see local craftsmen at work. Check in at the desert camp near Natharau and spend a cultural night around a blazing hot bonfire with local artists singing and dancing infusing the desert expanse around you with new life.

Day 04: Pilwa
Ride a camel to Pilwa; check in at a camel camp hut on arrival. Rest and have your meal before setting out tours to the Kolu Pabuji temple located in the area.

Day 05: Pokhran - Departure
Ride a jeep to either Bikaner or Jaisalmer and continue your journey back home.

Tour ends.

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