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History of Jodhpur

History of Jodhpur

Enchanting blue Jodhpur was born in 1459 A.D. when Rao Jodha, a descendant of the Rathore Rajputs established his bastion on the edge of the stupefying yet regal Thar sands.

Impregnate with thrilling tales of battles and Rajput sacrifices, the history of Jodhpur is a saga of the brave and undaunted. Prosperous Jodhpur lay on a sensitive medieval trade route that linked the ports of Gujarat to the opulent kingdoms of Central Asia.

In fact traders in silk, sandalwood, coffee, dates, opium brought unimaginable riches and wealth to Jodhpur and turned this serene blue land into a rich desert kingdom.

The mighty Rathores of Jodhpur trace their descent to the Rashtrakuta solar dynasty. These brave rajputs ruled Kannauj for more than 14 centuries till their territory was invaded by an Afghan ruler Mohhamad Ghori in 1194 A.D. The then ruler Shivaji fled to Marwar and set up his capital in the region. After several years a descendant of Shivaji conquered Mandore and finally Rao Jodha established Jodhpur in Rajasthan, India.

The history of Jodhpur is full of politically motivated weddings in between Mughal princesses and Rathore kings. These marriages made Jodhpur immune to Mughal attacks and the Mughals in turn acquired some of the greatest warriors born in royal Rajasthan, India.

The supremacy of Jodhpur was threatened by the growing Maratha influence in the region though royal Jodhpur entered into an alliance with the Crown and was saved from an express Maratha attack.

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Heritage Hotels in Jodhpur

  • Hotel Karni Bhawan
  • Ajit Bhawan Palace
  • Balsamand Lake Palace
  • Best Western Ranbanka
  • Hotel Jhalamand Garh
  • Ratan Vilas Hotel
  • Fort Chanwa Luni
  • Ratanada Polo Palace

    Deluxe Hotels in Jodhpur

  • Hotel Umaid Bhawan Palace
  • Taj Hari Mahal
  • Hotel Fortune Ummed
  • Economy Hotels in Jodhpur

  • Hotel Sandhu Palace
  • Hotel City Palace
  • Hotel Kalinga
  • Beniwal Palace
  • Hotel Chandra Inn
  • Hotel Arun
  • Devi Bhawan

    Guest Houses in Jodhpur

  • Yogi's Guest House
  • Haveli Guest House
  • Other Guest Houses in Jodhpur

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