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Akbar's Palace

Akbar's Palace

See splendid remnants of the grandiose Mughal rule in Ajmer as you tour the rooms and sections of Akbar's Palace or the Ajmer Museum with Indian Horizons.

Akbar's Palace is located close to the railway station in Ajmer and is a grand way to learn more about the romantic yet tumultuous history of desert Ajmer. See ancient and medieval weapons and armory on display and gaze wonder eyed at a glorious collection of stone sculptures, objects d' art and delicate miniature paintings.

See the choicest collection of Rajput and Mughal armor on display at the Akbar's Palace.

Constructed in 1570 A.D. by Emperor Akbar, Akbar's Palace was built for serving as a home to the emperor during his visits to Ajmer. Though not very massive, Akbar's Palace was almost impregnable to enemy attacks.

The two thick walls that surround Akbar's Palace are formidable structures. Akbar's Palaces' historic importance lies in the fact that this fortified Mughal bastion served as a platform for a historic meeting between Emperor Jehangir and Sir Thomas Roe of the British East India Company.

During the British occupation of Ajmer, Akbar's Palace was used as a munitions house and the Britishers nicknamed this palace as the 'Rajputana Arsenal'.

A part of Akbar's Palace was converted into a museum in the year 1908. Be charmed at the massive black marble idol of the Goddess Kali. Also feast your eyes on several 6th and 7th century sculptures as you tour the Akbar's Palace in Ajmer, Rajasthan, India.

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